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Show off your rig!

Figured I would get the ball rolling for this thread.

My system:

What’s inside:

Antec 1200 Case
ASUS M47A9T Deluxe Mobo
AMD Phenom II X4 CPU @ 3.6Ghz
Thermalright TRUE Black Heatsink
8GB Corsair RAM @ 1333Mhz
ASUS 5870 1GB Graphics Card
Intel X-25M G2 80GB SSD (OS)
Seagate Barracuda 640GB HDD 7200rpm (Games, Data)
Corsair 650TX Power Supply


Dual ASUS 24" Monitors @ 1920x1080
Logitech G11 Keyboard
Logitech MX518 Mouse
Logitech Z4 Speakers

Very impressive indeed and thanks for sharing.

It looks like you have a nice dedicated room to gaming/work.

Lets get some more people posting their setups! I know Retnil has some recent pics. I’ll have to update my pics b/c I went from watercooling back to simple air.


It gets the job done =). Built it in '09. I imagine it’s got a couple more years in it before I need to upgrade.


It looks like the system overall will be more than fine for 2 years more if you make a video card upgrade at some point. Everything else beyond the vid card will hold up just fine.

Zomg, you’ve got a Plantronics DSP-500 headset! Me too!

Mine has lasted 6-7 years now. :smiley:

Well I did have a Plantronics headset. It crapped out on me about 2 months ago. It was the 2nd set I went through. The right speaker shorted out on both headsets. Each lasted me about 2-3 years. Replaced with the Turtle Beach X12s. They have great sound/bass, but no DSS unlike the Plantronics. But they offer a DSS adapter for the X12s, just haven’t picked it up yet. :sunglasses: