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Ready for BF4!


I’ll be back home from my India trip on Nov. 9th and should be able to play on the night of the 10th or 11th. I’m pumped to say the least to officially get back into gaming again.

I just bought a 780 GTX after the price drop and will use the EVGA StepUp to upgrade to the 780 Ti when that releases. I passed on the AMD 290x because of Nvidia’s new monitor syncing program, G-Sync, which will be released in the next 2 months. After going from the 60hz to 120hz monitor and experiencing such fluid gameplay, I’m less concerned with max FPS and more with fluid gameplay when the battles get intense. Here is a link to read up on G-Sync as well as a video that sold me on it. G-sync requires a monitor with the G-sync chip that will be released in 2014. Until then, a specific 144hz Asus monitor will be modifiable with the G-sync chip, which is what I plan to do.



How was your trip? The only stuff I’ve seen first hand of India is the pictures some of the managers bring back from work trips.

I wasn’t on last night but now it’s the 12th and I do believe some BF4 is due!