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MW3 Free Weekend

Modern Warfare 3 MP is free to play this weekend. I played a bit last night and the random pub rage was hilarious. Got called a hacker a few times because “there is no way someone with that low level can play that good”.

If you’re up for the 14 gig download stop on by for some shenanigans this weekend.

Is it worth the aggravation?

It’s the same issues as any peer hosted game where the software chooses the “best” host. Had a few laggy rounds but not as bad as I experienced in MW2.

Worth buying and playing for the long run? No
Worth playing for a weekend for free? Sure.

I got Troll-e-oed… thought you just bought it out of boredom last night, didn’t realize it was a free weekend. :doh:

I’ll be out this evening and next… so no CoD for me. Although I wouldn’t mind playing for old time’s sake.