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Mice Suggestion


It looks like my G5 is finally starting to give out which puts me in the market for a new mouse. I’d love to buy another G5 but Logitech has discontinued it and the only ones offered on Ebay are $120!

What mice are you guys using? What would you recommend?



If you are looking for an inexpensive solution I have always used Razor’s mice. The one I have for my pc is Razer - DeathAdder 3500 Gaming Mouse. I have had it for awhile with no problems. I would go to best buy and feel them. I know it sounds weird, but mice can be weird. It is not a bad mouse for 50 bucks.



I tried some mice at the Best Buy last time I stopped by. None were open on display so I was stuck trying them out in the box cutouts.

Right now I’m trying to decide between the Adder or the Naga. More buttons can never hurt…



I have the G9 and have used it for a few years now. I like the larger size and ability to add weight to it. It’s a true FPS mouse.

As for the Razer mice, I have owned the Naga but it is really built for MMO play. I have also tried some of the other Razer mice geared toward FPS but they have all been much smaller and lighter than the Logitech mice.

I would say you are in for an adjustment period if you go with the Razer since all of their models are built so different than Logitech.

I still have my PC setup but I just can’t find much time at all to play. What are you guys playing? It seems that activity has been quite low lately. Is that because there is not a single multiplayer game that interests everyone? I have seen some reviews on the Aftermath expansion pack for BF3 and it seems to be well received.



The G9 looked nice but I don’t like the grip. After more shopping, it would seem that the G500 is the logical choice being the successor to my G5. The downfall to this is that the setpoint software used in the latest mice is flaky. I’ve already rolled back to older versions after a reformat just to get my G5 customized.

Razer’s Naga is still on my list since I’m playing Guild Wars 2. Though the next game I see interest in is the Standalone DayZ release. We have a handful of guys who grabbed the ArmaII pack on steam sale and are enjoying some zombie survival fun.

My G5 is still kicking so I think I’ll continue to hold off and look around.