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Membership application from nthnmny

[size=150]Team Rules[/size]

[ul]]Cheating / Hacking / Game Exploits are not tolerated - even “testing”/:m]
]Accusing players of hacking in servers or on forums is strictly prohibited.
]Legitimate concerns should be reported to an admin./:m]
]Record a demo/video for admins to review./:m][/ul]/
]Racism is not allowed./:m]
]Respect other clans, players, servers and community sites./:m]
]Bring up any personal conflicts to team leaders, don’t take it to the boards./:m]
]Only use your Tag with the name that you registered in your membership application./:m][/list:u]

[size=150]Membership Requirements[/size]

[ul]]18 years of age or older/:m]
]Steam Account/:m]
]Working Mic / Headset/:m]

I agree to, accept the rules and regulations of Team Regen.

Nathan Mooney

Gaming Name


Where are you?
Cary/Apex, NC

Xfire Name

Steam Name

Do you have a personal friend in Team Regen

Previous Game Experience
Counterstrike: Source
CoD Modern Warfare: 1, 2 and 3
World of Warcraft

How did you find us?
A freind in the clan told me about it.


Times usually online (in EST)

Thanks for applying.

We ask all recruits to play with us for a week in mumble before a decision is made. This gives everyone time to get to know one another.

Mumble info:
IP -
Port - 31075

Cary, NC? What an odd coincidence. Two of our members live in Raleigh, NC. It is kind of funny that given the size of the world three random people that don’t know each other but live within 20 miles of each other have visited and posted on this website. I could see if we lived in NYC or this website was, but Raleigh and What are the chances of that?

I actually met jdubz playing other games and it was kinda a coincidence that he was in cary i moved here for college.