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Hello all!

Apologize for falling off the face of the Earth. I am Now in South Korea as a 2LT. My computer deadlined ages ago, so I do some minor gaming on my laptop. I am here in South Korea for about 10 more months. How is everyone else?



Holy Crap, I know so many people in the Military. I want to say the Deepest an Biggest Thank you Sir!

Well, big split in -M-… :slight_smile: Glad to see yall still around! is my new home.

Everything is calm now, feelin groovie again.

Please keep safe over there and don’t start any Wars :smiley:



Dang Snake! I thought you were still in the States for training.

Have you played any StarCraft II since the relocation?
We’ve been keeping occupied with Minecraft, Smite, and Arma 3.

10 months is a good while. Stay safe man.




How strange is this I was just thinking “what happened to Snake.”

Keep safe out there.



Damn guys! I just checked the forum after a few months to find Snake in South Korea and Sarge. Great to hear from both of you guys.



Wow Hey D

Everyone is popping out of the woodworks now.

How you been?



I dont like you Danger, you were always the hardest to kill ! :smiley: Heavin forbid if you and snake where on the same side!



Good to hear from all of you. Everyone should post a life update, I would be interested in hearing about everyone. Starcraft 2 here is like Football in America. Ridiculous! Gaming centers on every corner and $1 an hour to play.

Hope to hear from everyone!



A lot has changed for myself and my family. Just 1 week ago, we moved from Madison, WI to Minneapolis, MN. I finished with my masters in biomedical engineering from University of Wisconsin this past December. However, over the past 3 years, I’ve heavily gotten into investing and trading and now I’m going to be a financial advisor in Minneapolis. I start this January. I’ve developed multiple trading models that involves staying invested for 1 month or 3-6 months. I now manage all investments for both my family and my wife’s family. I love doing it and I spend hours everyday learning everything I can.

My wife is still in grad school back at University of Wisconsin but is the coordinator for social-emotional learning for the Minneapolis Public Schools. She loves her new job. Our daughter is now about 21-months old and is doing great. We now live near lots of family here in Minneapolis and we are glad to be back.

I can’t even remember the last time I gamed. My rig is still all together but hasn’t been run in months. I’m hoping to get it up and running but I don’t have a clue what I will play. I see you guys are trying the Arma3 beta. I hope to give it a whirl. Titanfall interests me the most but unfortunately won’t be until spring. BF4 is definitely of interest to me.

Take care guys and I hope to be around when I can.



Hey everyone!
It seems like forever since I have talked to any of you and by looking at the updates that would appear to be true! It is great to read all of the updates. I figured I would tack on an update as well…
I still have my rig set up, but haven’t played a game since maybe the initial release of Battlefield 3 so I guess we are talking almost 2 years?!? I honestly don’t miss gaming all that much (prob because of my worsening skills), but I do miss talking to you all.
I am currently (still) on faculty at NC State as an internal medicine specialist. The change is that I completed training in hemodialysis last year and have started a dialysis unit here in North Carolina. It opened in May of this year, so same job with expanded responsibilities. Other than that, not a lot has changed. I still keep myself occupied playing modified fast pitch softball and flag football a few times a week and I just started to learn to wakeboard this summer. Still listen to a lot of music and just bought the new Avenged Sevenfold album yesterday. I am trying to learn to use Ableton 9 Live if anyone has any experience with that software.

Danger - What a difference 5 years make! Glad to hear you are doing something that you enjoy. That is so important. Still just the one kid?

Snake - Good to hear you are doing well and staying (relatively) safe. I have never lived in a foreign country for any period of time. That must be an interesting experience!

Sarge - We have to catch up man. It has been eons. Glad to hear you are happy and doing well.

Ret - How are you doing. You still traveling a bit with work? Still enjoying it?

Relar - Same thing. Would love to hear how you are doing.




I am still looking for a steady job. Currently working as a temp at a bank. Bought a lot and hope to start construction on my house soon (once I find a steady job that is). Still fishing, boating, and doing whatever I can on the water. So not much has changed for me.

And I noticed you saved the best for last. :smiley:

Happy everyone seems to be doing great and is happy.



Hi Mike,

I was wondering what you were up to when I made my last post. Great to hear from you and I’m glad your career is moving forward. You and I are in the same boat that we haven’t played in quite some time. I definitely miss playing but I’m afraid that if I start up again I’ll have a hard time putting it down.

Yes, the last 5 years of my life has changed considerably from an educational/career standpoint. Not once did I ever see myself going from the medical field to the financial world but I couldn’t be happier. I could spend all my free time developing investing models and finding new methods to analyze the current state of the markets. I’m glad I stayed flexible in my path and now I’m finally happy with where I’m at and will be heading in the future.

We still have just one child but will likely have our second after I’ve been in my financial advising position for about 1 year.

I hope BF4 will bring some of us back together. I honestly do nothing beyond work and family so I would love to get back to gaming with you guys and taking a break from the non-stop pace of life.



Wow, thanks for the update! Danger I shall now be forwarding you my paychecks to invest for me. My PC came to Korea dead as a door nail ( where does that saying even come from?). BF4 looks nice and I would love to play it, I just need to invest in my machine. What a turn around Danger! Biomedical doctor? Think again finance, but I bet differential equations are very handy with the economical models. Mike, good to hear that the faculty job is working out. Yes a foreign country is a crazy experience with a new language, culture, and people.