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Ghost Recon

Who is getting or thinking of getting Ghost Recon?

From the videos I have seen it looks like it could be a good game. I will most likely be getting it.

I already have my preorder on Steam. Deluxe Edition is only $5 more so I went with that.

Less than 4 days till launch. I’m pumped!

Preordered the Deluxe Edition from steam.

Waiting for JDub to say “hey bro, I got some keys”. :sunglasses:

Last I heard JDub didn’t think he would be able to get any extra keys.

During mid-July, I’ll be home alone for about 4 days and I plan on buying Ghost Recon if you guys think you’ll still be playing by then. Keep me posted on what you think!

So far all I have played is the Single Player and I have enjoyed it. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to play some coop and multi.

Danger as of right now I think I will be playing it then.

Well I finished the Single Player so if anyone is up for Co-op let me know.