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DLC Announced

New DLC announced. CoD definitely approves the first expansion. … e-quarters


Ok, whoever was playing in that clip needs to learn how to aim. Shot a mag down the hallway and missed 2 guys. /facepalm

Infantry only maps could be nice but I hope they are large enough to play well on 32 and 64 man servers. Last thing we need is a Shipment/Killhouse/Nuketown DLC in BF3. If we had a 10 story office building to fight in … ooooh man! I wonder if we will see zip-lines again.

There is good news to the DLC announcement. Battlefieldo reported that the patch being worked on would hit before the DLC is available. Guess DICE realized no one would buy expansions when nothing else had been patched.

Agreed. I don’t know if he thought he was playing Counterstrike or what, and couldn’t ADS. Neither enemy killed him either, until he stabbed one of them. :aww:

The DLC page I linked to above states “2-16 players”. I hope that’s per team, or only for console. Otherwise it’ll be Nuketown sized maps for sure.