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BLOPS 2 Trailer

Must say, pretty bold move to venture into the future… even if it’s the near future.

I like the move to the near future, too bad the graphics are still 5 years in the past. Treyarch usually makes an effort to fix what failed in the previous IW release. While I have no faith in CoD MP thanks to Activision’s greed, the SP story could be a nice pickup if there’s a good sale.

This trailer did spur[size=85][sup]1[/sup][/size] an entertaining twitter account Horse of Duty

Flank the enemy? I say neigh!

[size=85][sup]1[/sup][/size]Pun intended

Too bad the COD franchise destroyed any chance of me playing another COD game. O wait that is only their loss.

I do have to say that the trailer quality is superb. Lays out the setting then gives the twist. Speaking of twists, what do you think will be the odds of another Blops level plot twist?

I thought the trailer was pretty good as well. Looks like “maybe” they bumped up the graphics a little? Then again, there really wasn’t enough gameplay footage to actually tell.

I heard zombies are already confirmed…

Didn’t even think about zombies. Wouldn’t be a Treyarch release without them.

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