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BF4 Tips and Tricks


I find the weapon switching with the mouse wheel or numbers (Above WASD) a little clumsy. I followed the guide below and it really improved my switching speed for med kits, rockets, engi tool, revives…

A lot of people don’t revive in BF4 just because it’s such a bitch to get to the right kit. The fix below solves that.

You can change the key bindings for gadget 1 in Battlefield 4, you just have to do a little trick. You must bind the same key to all three of these:
Select Gadget 1
Toggle Underslung Weapon
Toggle Gadget 1

Then it will work. The bind I use is scroll down and I use the middle mouse button for defibs. Enjoy!



Nice suggestion for anyone with a keyboard. I know Retnil and I both use gaming pads (I use the Belkin N52te - not sure what Retnil uses.) For anyone look to improve their game, look into the game pads.



I’m using the Razer Nostromo (newer version of the Belkin gamepad). With only using the thumb pad and the “F” button I can select any item / weapon in the loadout.
The biggest improvement on switching is changing to my sidearm by using the down direction on the thumb pad. This lets me switch while still strafing and keeping the target lined up.

I have ammo / medpacks on the up direction which allows me to quickly share the love with teammates while being able to easily switch back to my primary weapon.



My only tip so far is use the FAMAS. The weapon is fast, agile, packs a punch. Deadly at close and medium range. Not very accurate at long range but with burst or single fire it works well and the bull drop is minimal. Its only downside is the very low ammo capacity. I get maybe 5-8 kills with it before running dry.

Placing it in burst fire mode compensates for its wild drift, then double tapping makes it rate of fire virtually continuous. In close quarters situations such as Locker, hip fire along with a laser site gives it a tight spread like a shotgun. Hip fire around corners can yield 2 to 3 kills even if you die.

Try it out. It’s a monster.

Also I love FAMAS