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Best Kill in Battlefield 3 EVER

[BBvideo 475,350][/BBvideo]

Am I right???

Here’s the long version for your viewing pleasure

[BBvideo 475,350][/BBvideo]

Yes, that is officially the most epic gaming stunt of all time. I was thoroughly impressed even before he got back in the jet after free fall.

No freakin way. That is awesome!!! :aww:

Sweet kill. Reminds me of this one
[BBvideo 475,350][/BBvideo]

must be where he got the idea from.

SU-35BM hot on my tail. Javelin missiles locked on from the ground. Flares wouldn’t do any good. There was only one reasonable option.
[BBvideo 475,350][/BBvideo]


Same guy as the first video?!?! Crazy.