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8 Minutes of Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Gameplay

Hit the link to watch in HD.

[BBvideo 475,350][/BBvideo]

New class system “Pick 10” is mentioned but not explained much. Some previous perks such as slight of hand have now been replaced by weapon attachments.

Xbox version is shown so it still looks like garbage. PC will ship with DX11 support. Black Ops (1) ran great so it will be interesting to see how Treyarch brings in the new tech while keeping the game open to the most players.

I’ll give this video a stroll but what are people thinking for the choice between BO2 and MoH Warfighter? I’ve been looking at Warfighter beta gameplay and it looks to be a nice change of pace compared to BO2 being the same gameplay style as BO.

From the gameplay videos available, I’d have to side with MoH Warfighter as being the more appealing title. BO2 seems to be more of the same with just a few other tweaks to making your kit.

Guys is that the M.O. for all new COD games?